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Full Design Services

One of our motto is * ELEGANT  SIMPLICITY *, keeping things nice looking and simple reduces maintenance frequency and costs. Starting with a discussion about how u'd like to use ur yard, we can design ur outdoor space to fit your aesthetic and lifestyle needs.  


Low Maintenance Gardens

There is no such thing as no maintenance garden or yard. Mother Nature is Queen but we can slow her down and drastically reduce maintenance time and costs.

We do not use landscape cloth as it is a fabric and all fabrics have 'holes' (gaps between the thread strands) in which the weed roots can anchor. Over a few years the landscape fabric will become matted with roots and ur entire garden will have to be torn up in 2 to 5 years and redone. The membranes we use are impervious to roots and will last for 15 to 30 years, or more.

With landscape cloth u can pull a weed but it will be back in a week, with our membranes u can pull a weed, entire roots and all, out with two fingers and that weed will never grow back. 

 We also recommend the use of medium to large River Rock as a ground cover. A ground cover of small stone is difficult to clear of leaves and debris as they will be blown around by leaf blower or sucked into leaf vacuum. The debris must be removed regularly or the ground cover will get buried in debris and the debris between the small stone will act as rooting medium for weeds and unwanted grass.

Woodchips result in the same problem, and, wood chips deteriorate and turn into topsoil so every 3 to 5 years need to be removed and disposed of, and, replaced. Colored wood chips fade in color and shrink as they decompose , and, additional required each year, or, two. All requiring more labor and costs 


The simpler the better as it saves maintenance time and costs.

We will stuff ur gardens with plants  if u wish, but, the more plants the more maintenance. If u do over crowd then u will have plants competing for space. Overcrowding also does not allow for future growth as one must have long term vision when dealing with Mother Nature.


Tree & Shrub Pruning/Trimming/Shaping

  • There is much more to trimming, shaping and pruning then just shaping. Improper cutting  back results in disease and death. Our team will make sure things stay healthy and grow strong!

'ChemFree' Weed And Vegetation Bug & Fungi/Mold Control

We beleive we are the only ones who offer a chemical free vegetation killer, "VegKil", that is safe for children, pets and animals.

Our vegetation and fruit tree bug & fungus spray, "BugKil", is also the the only one of it's kind offered in this area. It also is child, pet and animal friendly, free of chemicals.


Edging - Plastic


When installing rubber edging we do not use the standard metal stakes that are too short, cannot be secured well to the edging and r low grade metal that rust out and disintegrate in no time. Use plastic stakes that r almost twice as long so not lifted as easily by the frost and can be secured to the edging via stainless steel fender washers and stainless screws. The seams of the edging r normally secured via a plastic tube inserted into each end of the edging section, but, to ensure they do not separate we secure the tube with stainless set screws. These technique are exclusive to us. No one anywhere does this. 

  1. Please go to “Portfolio” and scroll down to “Edging – Plastic” for photos. In the collection there you will see shots of an edging job by someone else that is only about 5 years old. U will notice lifting and separation due to frost and lawn equipment. The landscape fabric is inundated by grass which has grown under the edging ( I have seen grass roots travel 3 – 4 feet under something and come up where ever it senses sunlight, even a pin hole in a poly sheet). The matting of roots intertwined into the landscape fabric. To prevent grass growing up through and weeds anchoring roots from above we use a impervious membrane. To prevent grass creeping under edging (plastic, wood, or, concrete), we extend the membrane under the edging and up the front to ground level.

Consultation Services

For the DIYr landscaper/gardener but unsure where to start or how best to proceed?  A consultation will let u ask questions and develop a plan.

For detailed consultations call for an appointment and rate.


Deer/Wild Life Fencing & Custom Oneway Gates

One of a kind, in house designed and built, oneway wild life gates.

Handyman Services

On our on-call list we have people with decades of experience in; construction, painting, drywalling, plumbing, masonry, and, general handyman needs.

Call with ur need(s) and we can arrange for a free estimate (depending on location)  appointment and rate.


Automotive Bodywork & Mechanical Services


On our on-call list we have a gentleman with several certifications and decades of experience.

Call with ur need(s) and we can arrange for a free estimate (depending on location)  appointment and rate.